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Our Vision

Our business has realized that there is a large gap between people losing their house or needing a place to live and finding a solution that doesn’t involve bankruptcy. That’s where Eagle Creek Investments comes in. Our goal is to help people get rid of their debt and back onto their feet. Many times someone just needs a beautiful and safe place to live, and our elegant homes will fit that need perfectly.

Eagle Creek Investments doesn’t provide legal advice. Instead we BUY, SELL and RENT our homes to amazing citizens in Kern County just like you!

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Meet the Owner


Founder & CEO

My endeavors in real estate began in the recession of 2008 working as a photographer for a local realtor. I have come to love theĀ  opportunities that real estate has brought into my life, blessing me with the ability to help others out on a daily basis.

I also work as a firefighter and my life is filled with helping people from life threatening emergencies to fighting fires. For me it is easy to transition into real estate and continue helping people.

Whether I can give you a home to live in, or prevent you from going into foreclosure, it gives me the greatest joy to help someone in their time of need.

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